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There aren’t many career-changing opportunities for Elder Law Attorneys. 

That’s why we started The Elder Law Coach. We're excited to announce a free 4-week course starting August 5th, designed to drastically improve your Elder Law practice.

The course includes:
- Tactical strategies for building and growing your practice
- Fact Patterns to improve your problem-solving skills
- Exclusive content: Live Q&A, exclusive podcasts, and videos
Ready to take the next step in your career? Join us for this comprehensive (and free) 4-week course!
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Customized Coaching Catered To Your Law Firm

Todd LOVES to teach. The one consistent comment people tell Todd is that he has a great way of explaining complex topics


Insightful Podcast For Easy Listening

The Elder Law Growth podcast is here! In each short but impactful episode, we will provide actionable strategies for your Elder Law and Estate Planning practice.


Upcoming Events

Todd stays busy with educational events. We will have some free events and some that are paid events but well worth the money.

Hi, I’m Todd Whatley

Owner/Founder, Certified Elder Law Attorney
For years I have spent time honing my passion for developing my career as a nationally recognized Elder Law Attorney. Taking the next big step, I have decided to turn my expertise into a format helping attorneys around the United States grow and learn more in their practice and working with the elderly.
With my expertise, you will learn what you need and implement that education to become a proficient elder law attorney.


Years Of Experience


Meetings With Clients


Events Planned & Spoken Towards Elder Law


Built and Sold 4 Law Practices

Why Work With The Elder Law Coaching

Personalized Coaching Sessions

With his comprehensive educational program and One-on-One phone calls (at the Premium and Elite levels of Coaching), you will learn what you need to know and put that knowledge to use like never before to become a proficient elder law attorney.


Todd has been in practice for over 23 years now. He’s trained nearly a dozen attorneys to become Elder Law Attorneys; some are now Certified Elder Law Attorneys.

Educational Resources

With videos, podcasts, and more! Todd will give you the knowledge to start understanding complicated issues and communicate more effectively with your passion.


Todd has helped dozens of attorneys hone their skills, watched them grow their practice, and provided the level of confidence needed to provide expertise to families.

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