Our Coaching Series

The Elder Law Coach grew out of two things. One was Todd's love to teach, and the second was the continual complaint by new Elder Law Attorneys that there was no "follow through" on the training they were receiving from national courses.

Like the old Reese commercial, those are two things that "go great together." Todd has spoken continuously locally and frequently to national attorneys' groups to consistently praise his ability to clarify complicated issues and communicate effectively.

Premium Coaching

This is the most common level of Coaching and fits within the budget of any attorney serious about getting into and growing an Elder Law Practice. This level of Coaching has made a massive difference in several practices across the country.

At this level of Coaching, you get the entire educational library, all of his forms and slide decks, and you get 2 1-hour one-on-one coaching calls per month. (to be honest, depending on Todd's schedule, it is usually more than 2 calls a month. We want to help you as you need it) You get Todd's cell phone number so that you can text him anytime and call as needed.

This level of Coaching is designed for the attorney wanting to transition into Elder Law. You get the full in-depth education needed to learn Medicaid, VA, Estate Planning for the senior client with an eye toward long-term care planning, how to set up an elder law office, and how to conduct the initial meeting to drastically increase the chance of getting hired (Todd will do meetings with you by phone or video if you want). You not only get the training (that you can honestly get at many different places), but you get the one-on-one coaching calls to clarify the issues and apply them to real fact patterns. There is no better way to learn than learning from a real case alongside an Elder Law Attorney that has helped 10's of thousands of clients.

This is a commitment of $2,000 per month, or $1,500 per month for a one-year commitment, The program works best with the educational material at intervals throughout the year. However, we strive to individualize the program inorder to meet  your needs.

We would love to work with you to get you into Elder Law or drastically ramp up your new or struggling elder law firm. Call us to discuss how we can help and see if the Premium level of Coaching is right for you.

Elite Coaching

This is the highest and most intense level of Coaching. If you want an "of counsel" type of relationship where Todd is very involved in your practice, this is the level of Coaching you need. You get all of Todd's educational material. You get all of his slide decks, forms, and templates. You get 1-2 hours of phone calls every week as needed, and Todd will come to your office twice a year for half a day (or a full day) to work with you and staff or even do client meetings.

This is the most elite level. You get all of Todd's 20+ years of practice and experience to get into Elder Law and take your practice to the next level. The price is $3750/month with a 12-month commitment. That's one estate plan per month or half of the cheapest Medicaid application you should ever do (one-fourth of a standard Medicaid application with planning).

Todd wants all levels of Coaching to succeed. However, he is very much invested with you at this level and is driven to see you grow and drastically increase your revenues during that one-year period. Call us if you have questions. We would love to jump on a video call and see how we can help you take your practice to higher levels and help more people while loving your job.

Medicaid Comprehensive Course

Todd Whatley has taught the "weekend courses" for the big names. He has over 20 years of experience and has supervised over 5000 Medicaid applications and done over 10,000 Estate Plans with many of them in preparation for Medicaid qualification. Todd still practices law in a busy practice but his new love is to teach and mentor attorneys to do THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD. This course is what you need to get you up to speed now and be able to refer back to for years to come.

Todd created this course based of his numerous weekend and week long presentations on Medicaid starting from the very beginning to the end including tons of fact patterns to help the new knowledge "set in". You also get what is missing from the other courses, one-on-one training during and after the course. Todd created this course is short (5-20 minute) videos covering a single topic of Medicaid progressing from the very ground work for crisis planning up through pre-planning and HOW TO SELL IT to your clients. You can charge premium fees to clients and get very little pushback if you demonstrate that you know the rules, you know how their facts fit within the rules and you show value of your services. You should charge between 1 and 3 months worth of Nursing Home monthly fees for this service. Here is my story:

I learned elder law THE HARD WAY by reading the policy and books on Elder Law, attending what conferences there were in 2000 and MESSING UP A LOT. I took it on, loved and did it. But I made LOTS of mistakes. Learning this took me forever (5+ years). I wrote some fairly large checks to families because I messed up their case and it cost them substantial amounts of money. However, after writing a large check for a mistake, I never made that mistake again. But I made more mistakes and learned very tough lessons as I grew as an Elder Law Attorney.

It was easily 5 years down the road before I felt like I had a good grasp on the topic of Elder Law learning this by myself and on my own. I nearly went broke in the process. I’m now more than 20 years into this and I STILL LOVE it. I’ve built and sold a number of practices and trained dozens of attorneys to become Elder Law Attorneys, a few of them are now Certified Elder Law Attorneys.

I want to take my very big and expensive mistakes, my 20+ years of experience and my LOVE of Elder Law and help you really understand Medicaid and how it works for clients. I’ve created this video series based on my experience and feedback from other attorneys struggling to get going. I hear the continual complaint of attorneys who spend time and money on the "weekend courses" that have no long lasting effect (mainly until they get off the airplane back home). I hear from attorneys constantly that say they get back to their office after the course and look at a real fact pattern and have no idea what to do AND no one to call to help them. They are nowhere closer to being an Elder Law Attorney then than when they left for the course, although a little poorer.

I’ve taught the weekend Medicaid course put on by the big providers. People loved the way I taught the course. However, there was no mechanism to help them once they got back home. I have now fixed that.

This video series is intense training and mentorship. I teach the courses by video so that you can watch it anytime you want as many times as you want. Remember, the course is created in single topic videos so that you are not overwhelmed AND you can go back and refresh on a specific topic rather than search through hours of continuous video. Education is necessary and great, but how do you apply it? With the purchase of this video series, you get 4 one-on-one hour long phone calls with me to go over the fact patterns and address any issues you may have. You schedule the meetings and you determine the topic.

Do you need clarification on the training videos? Do you have a marketing question? Maybe you have a specific fact pattern we need to cover? Are you nervous about a meeting and all the questions? Have you had a denial? You name it and we can talk about it. I promise you 4 hours with this course and if you need more, let's talk. You're probably asking: “But Todd, how do you know the rules in my State?” That’s a very common question. I am only licensed in two States, Arkansas and Oklahoma. I obviously know those states. However, I have coaching clients and fellow Elder Law Attorneys in many states and I know the rules there pretty well. One really nerdy thing about me is that I LOVE to read Medicaid policy. I have read the policy in many states and can help. If I haven’t read your state’s policy, I will. You will ultimately be responsible for the rules and laws of your state but I will help you as much as I can. Thankfully, most of Medicaid law is Federal and applies to all states. Estate Planning is VERY similar across the states and estate planning software makes that very easy due to them knowing the state rules. So, regardless of your jurisdiction, I can help you

You don’t have to be just starting in Elder Law. Even if you've been doing Elder Law and some Medicaid cases for a few years now, this course will fill in the blanks and get you up to speed as quickly as you can get through the videos and start applying the knowledge.

4-hour Coaching

Need a primer on a particular topic or help with a client? This is for you.

Here you get 4 hours of Todd's time in one-on-one coaching calls. You get 3 choices from the form and slide library. This is the level for the new or experienced elder law attorney that needs help on a particular topic or issue. We can ensure you fully understand Medicaid or VA, estate planning, or marketing in these 4 hours. Todd can attend client meetings virtually to help you get the information you need, create a plan and sell the plan (he's only done that about 10,000 times).

You use this as you see fit and get what you want. If you are not sure if you want to have Todd as your coach or not, this is a great way to give it a "test drive." Also, if you do the 4-Hour Coaching and then want to do the Premium Level of Coaching, you get a free month (a $1250 value).