April 15, 2024

The TELC Toolkit: Empowering Attorneys with Ready-to-Use Resources

Elder Law practice demands not only a deep understanding of legal principles but also an efficient approach to case management and client communication. Attorneys in this field are often tasked with handling sensitive and complex cases that require a meticulous and empathetic touch. Recognizing this need, The Elder Law Coach (TELC) program, spearheaded by the experienced Certified Elder Law Attorney Todd Whatley, offers a comprehensive toolkit designed to streamline the operational and client-facing aspects of Elder Law practice. This blog post will delve into the TELC Toolkit, exploring the various resources it provides and discussing how they enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Elder Law attorneys.

Comprehensive Office Forms

The TELC Toolkit includes a wide range of office forms tailored specifically for Elder Law practice. These forms are designed to simplify the intake process, ensure thorough information gathering, and streamline case management. Key forms include:

Client Intake Forms: Detailed templates that ensure all relevant client information is captured right from the first interaction, setting the stage for a well-informed legal strategy.

Asset Assessment Sheets: Tools to help attorneys and their clients comprehensively evaluate assets, critical for estate planning and Medicaid planning cases.

Care Plan Templates: Designed for cases involving long-term care planning, these templates help in outlining care needs, potential costs, and legal considerations.

These forms not only save time but also ensure that attorneys have all the necessary information at their fingertips, enabling them to provide accurate and effective legal advice.

Presentation Slide Decks

TELC recognizes the importance of clear and effective client communication in Elder Law. To facilitate this, the toolkit includes a variety of presentation slide decks that attorneys can use to explain complex legal concepts to clients. These decks cover topics such as:

Estate Planning Essentials: Breaks down the components and importance of estate planning in an accessible manner.

Understanding Medicaid: Demystifies the often-complicated Medicaid planning process, helping clients understand their options.

Guardianship and Conservatorship: Provides clear explanations of these processes, ensuring clients are well-informed about their legal implications.

These ready-to-use slide decks not only enhance client understanding but also position the attorney as a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor.

Client Handouts and Educational Materials

Educating clients about the nuances of Elder Law is crucial for informed decision-making. The TELC Toolkit offers a range of handouts and educational materials that attorneys can share with their clients, including:

Elder Law FAQs: Addresses common questions and concerns clients may have, offering clear and concise answers.

Legal Process Overviews: Outlines the steps involved in key legal processes, such as probate or setting up a trust, helping clients understand what to expect.

Resource Guides: Lists local and national resources available for the elderly, including healthcare, financial assistance, and social services.

Providing these materials not only educates clients but also enhances the attorney-client relationship by demonstrating commitment and empathy.

Suggested Additions to the TELC Toolkit

To further empower Elder Law attorneys, the following resources could be valuable additions to the TELC Toolkit:


The TELC Toolkit is an indispensable resource for attorneys venturing into or already practicing Elder Law. By providing ready-to-use office forms, presentation decks, and client handouts, the toolkit not only streamlines case management and enhances client communication but also reinforces the attorney's role as a knowledgeable and empathetic advisor. With the potential addition of resources like digital asset management guides and ethical consideration handbooks, the TELC Toolkit could become even more comprehensive, further empowering attorneys to navigate the complexities of Elder Law with confidence and efficiency.